Introducing Gnara Apparel: Women-Led Startup SheFly Apparel Changes Name For Growth & Inclusivity

April 26, 2023

GUNNISON, COLORADO – All-female led outdoor apparel company SheFly announces company rebrand as Gnara. After gaining early traction from industry awards and grants, and earning viral popularity with consumers on social media, the company made the decision to change their name in order to expand licensing opportunities, continue to develop a wide range of innovative products, and foster community and inclusivity.

“We’re still the same brand that you know and love, just with a name that sets us up to solve more problems and be able to grow”, explains Co-Founder and COO Charlotte Massey. The founding team launched “SheFly” out of a college dorm room and it was a perfect descriptor of the original product they were trying to explain, prototype, and bring into the world. But as the company has evolved, they realized that the original name simply didn’t encompass its full potential or diverse community. The rebrand separates the consumer brand name (Gnara) from the patented zipper technology (GoFly™), making it easier for the technology to be licensed to other brands, including partnerships with unisex, men’s, or adaptive-focused companies.

The new brand also created an umbrella name allowing the company to continue seeking innovative solutions to apparel problems. Massey elaborates, “ There are plenty more problems to solve in the apparel world besides our pee zipper.” Finally, the leadership felt it was important for the brand name to align with the core company values of inclusivity. “Not all our customers identify with ‘she’ pronouns”, explains CEO & Co-Founder Georgia Grace Edwards. “We want to create a space for all people to be part of our community and not have a name that is unnecessarily exclusionary”.

About the Name:

“Gnara is about pushing your limits while respecting your boundaries. We’re reclaiming the historically ‘bro culture’ idea of what’s gnarly and redefining the male dominated outdoor industry to ensure everyone feels like they belong outside”, explains Edwards.

From the feminine version of the Latin word “gnarus” which means “to have knowledge of a thing”, “skillful” and “practiced”, Gnara dives deep to fully understand familiar problems and develop the most effective solutions. The leadership team is proud of their female-founded roots and is actively working on more innovative solutions that will change the status quo and improve people’s outdoor experiences at work and at play.

In tandem with the rebrand, Gnara also introduced their new Go There™ Shorts. Recipient of Outdoor Retailer’s 2023 Innovation Award, Go There™ Shorts are an adapted warm weather version of award-winning Go There™ Pants, which feature their patented GoFly™ Zipper technology allowing the wearer to relieve themselves without removing clothing. Go There™ Shorts include 5 large pockets, a mid-high waist, DWR coating, breathable mesh pocket, and a subtle key loop. They come in 4 colors and sizes 00-22.

Gnara plans to launch additional products in the next calendar year as they continue to address gaps in the outdoor apparel market and inspire daily outdoor joy.

About The Company:

Founded in 2018, Gnara is a female-founded outdoor apparel brand on a mission to get more people outside in healthy, safe, and sustainable ways that inspire joy by creating inclusive apparel that offers superior protection, comfort and style for all people who want to get outside. The company encourages its community to wear products with GoFly™ Technology anywhere and everywhere: from glaciers to music festivals to backyard picnics. However people define their personal relationship to the outdoors, Gnara is here to support and encourage them to get outside, feel confident, and explore as they are.

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