Our Mission

At Gnara, we’re on a mission to get more people outside in healthy, safe, and sustainable ways that inspire joy. That’s why we create innovative and inclusive apparel that makes everyone feel safe, comfortable and confident to answer nature’s call and explore as they are.

Our Promise

To design outdoor solutions that create confidence and make space for joy.

Our Values

Be Brave

We create spaces where each of us can “go there” and embrace our true nature, whether that means the literal outdoors or our untamed selves.

Empower Others

We design outdoor solutions that make everyone more confident to get outside and explore safely and comfortably.

Stay Curious

We ask hard questions and take meaningful action, continually seeking sustainable solutions to connect people with their planet.

Show Grit

We embrace challenges, take initiative, and stay flexible in our mission to shift the paradigm of who belongs in the outdoors.

Have Integrity

We balance capitalist consumption and business growth with an ethical and transparent approach to selling products that improve people’s lives.

Encourage Play

We believe that making time to play outside and be joyful is integral to building a meaningful community and a successful company.

Formerly SheFly Apparel

Our History

Co-Founder Georgia Grace Edwards got the idea for SheFly during her time as a summer glacier guide in Alaska. While her male co-workers could easily and discreetly unzip their flies to pee, she was forced to trek across dangerous crevasses until she could find the privacy to remove 3-4 layers of clothing in freezing temperatures.
This process made her so cold that she chose to cut her water consumption and
risk dehydration instead — a common tradeoff for female adventurers.

Tired of wearing clothes that simply weren’t designed for her anatomy, Georgia Grace teamed up with avid outdoor enthusiasts and fellow classmates Bianca Gonzalez and Charlotte Massey to launch SheFly in 2018 out of their college dorm rooms in Vermont.

Today, we are an all-female led team with innovative products in our pipeline and several awards under our belt, committed to providing apparel that makes the outdoor industry more accessible for all. We’re real people solving real problems.