Gnara's Sustainable Journey: When We Say Earth Day We Mean Earth Forever

Gnara's Sustainable Journey: When We Say Earth Day We Mean Earth Forever


Coming to you live from the anti-Greenwashing Pee-Pant-Wearing Gnara Headquarters, allow us to present: more information than you could possibly ever need on our sustainability efforts. Or maybe, like us, you're obsessively committed to making a difference wherever you can. In which case, yay! Let's get our hands dirty with the earthy truth.

First, we'll testify as earth-lovers: our Gnara team is comprised of mountain-guiding, glacier-traversing, trail-loving, climate-saving-advocates. We knew we wanted to solve for a major problem (56% of women having bathroom accidents outside annually), without creating a new one (apparel pollution).

The prioritization of respecting Mama Earth lives from design to doorstep; it is infused into everything we do here at Gnara. Take a journey with us and we'll show you how: 

Product Development + Design

In introducing our patented GoFly Zipper Technology to the world, we intentionally designed products packed full of features (4-way stretch, DWR, adjustable waist that is both backpack-hip-strap- and climbing-harness-compatible, 3 ways to wear the bottoms, 5 pockets, etc.) to encourage a minimalist wardrobe that can do it all.

We don’t play into fast fashion – instead opting for slow fashion – timeless fits, cuts, and colors that don’t go out of style, and look and feel good, whether you’re summiting Kilimanjaro, commuting to work on foot/by bike, or picking a killer #OOTD. 

We source exceptionally high-quality, durable fabrics so you can wear your Go There Pants and Shorts for years instead of months. And when you do wear the heck out of a product (we love to see it), we partner with Rugged Threads to offer repairs over replacements. 

Lose a zipper pull or waistband in the wash? Don’t buy a whole new pair; just snag a new component here or reach out for a replacement! Also check out our Guide to Purchasing Pre-Loved Outdoor Gear.

Product Manufacturing

Did you know we’ve worked with over a dozen factories (and far more fabric suppliers) since we started? That’s because we go through great lengths to find the best ones, who meet both the Sustainable Apparel Coalition certifications, as well as our own qualifications for high-quality products that are manufactured to hold up, time and time again. 

When we can, we make our fabrics in the same cities where we manufacture to reduce transportation emissions.

On The Go Bundle - Gnara

Product Shipping

We carefully plan our product launches and timelines, as well as set realistic expectations with retailers, so that we can avoid air freighting products. Shipping across the ocean takes longer, but keeps our carbon footprint smaller, and that is a trade-off we are willing to make.

We’ve put a lot of thought and attention into our sizing resources in order to fit as many bodies into as many different sizes as possible, and to make it easy-peasy for you to find the right fit, thereby decreasing your chances of needing to ship size exchanges back and forth.

We also partner with retail partners in half of all US states (and counting!) + New Zealand, so you can try on and buy IRL – supporting your local economy and decreasing the need to ship product.

Product Packaging 

We package all of our products in 100% recycled, 50% post-consumer waste (diverted from landfills), locally-USA-made, HydroSoy ink mailers that are reusable – meaning you can send back an exchange or mail a gift to your bestie without needing any new packaging!

Business Model + Brand Partnerships

Kula Cloth


The Gnara team works remotely and has our HQ in a co-working space in Gunnison, CO, which helps us reduce our transportation costs and overall company carbon footprint.

We were Kula Cloth’s first ever custom brand cloth, way back in 2019. We still sell the Gnara x Kula Cloth directly on our website to offer a sustainable and reusable toilet-paper replacement for #1 in the backcountry! We also regularly partner with our favorite fellow bathroom-focused brand in the Gunnison Crested Butte Valley, Pact Outdoors, to offer workshops on building your own sustainable sh*t kit for #2!

What's Coming Down the Pipeline

gnara apparel


Our third flagship product to feature our patented GoFly Zipper Technology, the Go Free legging, is made entirely of a 100% recycled fabric! We can’t WAIT to get these into your hands (and onto your legs!). Keep an eye out for a crowdfunding campaign coming later this year.

Since launching, we’ve always opted for the least harmful version of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings on our products – short chain (C6). This year, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Go There Pants in the same fabric you know and love, that is entirely PFA-free in the DWR coating!

As we announced last week, our first GoFly licensing deal to hit the market, LIVSN x Gnara Overalls, feature our patented zipper tech plus their proprietary, PFA-free, Ecotrek fabric. Crowdfunding goes live in June, but the waitlist for discounted pre-orders is opening soon for a short time. Fill out this link to be notified when these launch invites open!

If you missed them, be sure to check our recent Unzipped Blog pieces on Leave No Trace Tips, like Walking the Trail More Muddied and Packing it Out. In the meantime, here’s a transparent recap on where we are as a company in our sustainability efforts – today on Earth Day, but also every day – past, present, and future!

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