Introducing Our Spring 2022 Pant Colors!

Introducing Our Spring 2022 Pant Colors!

We built and tested SheFly pants while exploring spectacular natural environments throughout the country. From the mysterious grey-green fjords of Alaska where the idea took hold, to the sparkling blue freshwater lakes of Vermont where the founding team was assembled, to the sprawling black canyons of Colorado where we have established our headquarters, each of these magnificent places reminds us of our love for the outdoors, reignites our passion for this product, and serves as a home to the people who have helped us get this far. In an homage to the outdoor environments and their inhabitants that brought this brand to life, we’ve named each of our Spring 2022 collection colorways after the settings and regions that ground us and inspire us. 

Read on to learn more about SheFly’s relationship to each of these environments and keep a look-out this spring for a deep dive into each place’s history, Indigenous communities, geography and more. 

Juneau Jade

Juneau Jade is named for the lush coniferous landscape surrounding the Mendenhall Glacier that reflects off the cerulean ice, forming a vibrant blue green color rarely found elsewhere in nature. 

If you've been following us for a while, you might already know that Co-Founder Georgia Grace got the idea for SheFly while working as a glacier guide! On the Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau, she found herself trekking across icy crevasses in freezing temperatures in search of non-existent privacy to relieve herself. Instead of trying to remove 3-4 layers of clothing in freezing temperatures, she eventually chose to cut her water consumption and risk dehydration instead — a common tradeoff for female adventurers. This experience made her realize that traditional zipper flies weren’t designed with her body in mind and decided that we were overdue for a revolution in women’s apparel.

The vast expanses of Alaskan glacial ice and neighboring temperate rain forest may seem harsh and unforgiving, but they’re also breathtaking and serve as a comforting reminder of how small we each are in this big universe. We hope you're as excited as we are to rock a pair of pants named after this inspirational part of the world!

Champlain Teal

SheFly took its first steps along the shores of Lake Champlain. The founding team met at Middlebury College, developing early prototypes with the help of seamstresses working in stove-heated workshops scattered amongst the rolling hills of Vermont. The state provided a nurturing home, filled with resources and advice, to the fledgling brand and its team for its first few years of life. 

Champlain Teal is inspired by the rich, deep, bottomless blue of Lake Champlain’s eastern shores in the fall. With the Green Mountains and Adirondacks standing guard on either side, this freshwater lake with a storied history is both a geographical center for the region and an emotional touchstone for Team SheFly. 

Black Canyon

Our final Spring color is….Black Canyon! With dramatic rocky spires and ancient black-grey cliffs that plunge thousands of feet to Gunnison River, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison is a land of sculpted rock and limitless skies. Energized by this barren but beautiful landscape and the friendly and resilient community nestled in the surrounding mountains, the SheFly team moved our headquarters to Gunnison, CO this year and are delighted to now call this place home. 

Black Canyon is inspired by the steep, rugged Precambrian granite, gneiss, and schist walls of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the adventurous and independent spirit needed to explore it.

Our pre-sales are opening for all three colors VERY soon, so start thinking about which color you want! If you decide you have to have all 3, we understand.

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