SheFly's Guide to Gifting

SheFly's Guide to Gifting

It's gifting season! In recent years, we've started to examine our consumer habits more closely. Cyber Monday promotions seem to start in August. The state of the supply chain has become dinner party conversation. Free shipping and free returns have hidden costs of other kinds. But when the days get dark and cold, we still relish the tradition of exchanging gifts with the people we love! So our team put together a slightly different kind of gift guide with a variety of ways to approach gift getting and giving.

Raid Your Grandparents’ Closet:

There are bound to be some good finds in there and it is nice to know the story behind clothing and objects that belonged to someone you love. Lightly used gear that has been lingering in a garage or back closet since someone outgrew it or lost interest can get new life in someone else’s hands.

Shop Small & Ethical:

Support small businesses! Putting your dollars towards brands and products with a sustainable or ethical mission will always make a gift more meaningful to you, the business and the recipient.

Expand the definition of a Gift!

Gifts don’t have to be purchased objects. You can craft something homemade or make a donation to a non-profit in someone’s name. Also, not to be corny, but time is also a gift. That can look like taking someone on a hike, baking cookies together or donating your time to an organization that is meaningful to you both.

Choose Quality over Quantity:

Instead of an abundance of gifts, think about settling on a couple really well-constructed things that will last. While this sometimes means spending more in the short-term, the cost to the wallet and environment (including producing, packaging and shipping your purchase) can be less, as you’ll need to replace the products less frequently as well. For example, our SheFly pants are made with a durable coated fabric so they can be worn again and again. 

Thrift It:

Thrifting is having a renaissance (thanks Gen Z). For trendier fare, head to Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange. But finding that perfectly worn in LLBean might involve some digging at your local Goodwill or Value Village. And don’t forget the circular economy! Donate your own things and keep the cycle going.

SheFly Stocking Stuffers: 

Finally, if you need some literal gift ideas, we’ve got you. Check out SheFly’s website for the perfect stocking stuffers, including our NoSo patches, Kula Clothes, Stickers and Face Masks.

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