What Your Favorite Hat Says About You

What Your Favorite Hat Says About You

SheFly was founded by a group of women tired of wearing pants that didn't work for their anatomy. So they started this company with a mission to make outdoor access more equitable and to make it easier for EVERYONE to pee outside!⁠

We're so excited to launch limited edition #PeeOutside hats, which got us thinking about all the other hats, and hat personalities, in our lives.

1. Baseball cap: 
You’re practical and no-nonsense and haven’t had time to wash your hair in a couple days...at least.

2. Flat brim/5 panel:
(Are these the same or different?) You live in the mountains out West and have at least 6 different outdoor hobbies (and the accompanying gear to prove it).

3. Trucker Hat:
You are not, in fact, a trucker. But you love a good dive bar and might be sneaky good at a game of pool.

4. Beanie:
You’re about as close to a ~chill girl~ as they come. You have beanies from all your favorite indie bands. How many beanies is too many beanies? 

5. Bucket Hat:
You’re a Gen Z influencer and we are intimidated by you. 

6. Cowboy Hat:
You wish you were from Texas (or maybe you actually are and have the boots to prove it). You likely bought this hat on a girl’s trip to Austin and have a pic with it in front of the “I love you!” wall mural.

7. Visor:
You play golf? Or tennis, rather? You time traveled here from the mid-2000s? You live in Florida? All of the above? We have no idea. If this is you, please reach out.

8. Safari Hat:
You may or may not have been on an actual safari but you love the practicality of this hat (It’s waterproof! It’s UV safe! You can cinch it right up to your chin!) You definitely do not consider yourself a fashionista and are probably also wearing zip offs, whether or not you want to admit it. You’re dermatologist approved and we approve, too. 

9. Balaclava:
You are both very warm and very concerned about data privacy / facial recognition technology and we think both of those are valid.

10. Wide-brim Hat:
You’d probably prefer to be poolside than (glacial) lakeside but you’ll go for a hike every once in a while...for the ‘gram.

11. Earflap Hat:
You really really hate being cold. Also you may have been a child model for the L.L. Bean catalogue. 

12. No Hat:
Rogue! You live your life on the edge. We love that chaotic energy for you but also, please, put on some sunscreen. Fun fact: the front and back of the head and neck make up 21% of your body’s total surface area!

13. SheFly ‘Pee Outside’ Hat:
You’re on a mission to make the outdoors more accessible for everyone who wants to pee outside, and you’re awesome, and you probably contributed to this blog post.

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