What Your Favorite Summer Shoe Says About You

What Your Favorite Summer Shoe Says About You

On our company retreat in early June at Campfire Ranch near SheFly's HQ in Gunnison, CO (highly recommend), we noticed that every team member had a different choice of outdoor footwear. Some rocked Tevas, others went for Crocs, and while there's no right answer to the question "what is the best summer outdoor shoe", we couldn't resist having a little fun with some of our favorites.


You own a sticker-covered nalgene and you’re a frequent flier at your local co-op


You’re ready to attend a music festival, forge a stream, or take a casual 8-mile sunset stroll 


You take good care of your inner wild child. Bonus points if you wear your crocs in sport mode… life moves fast and you don’t want to miss a beat


You have snacks in your backpack at all times and may or may not believe in Bigfoot


You consider swimming in the ocean to be a shower and claim that summer camp “changed your life”


You were cool in high school and you rave about linen pants


You have a robust collection of beer coozies


You’re going on a trip to Italy this summer… how much gelato is too much gelato?


You use the word summer as a verb and insist that your shorts are salmon, NOT PINK


You’re a hypebeast! … wait, what is a hypebeast?

Classic Sneakers

You’re more a streets than a peaks kinda person, but you’ll rock Go There™  pants in any context

No shoes

You’re a self proclaimed beach babe who likes to “feel the earth” under your toes


  • Jaime said:

    These go there pants seem like no brainers!! How hasn’t anyone invented these before?! Game changer!!!! So excited to try.

    July 28, 2022

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