What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Halloween has snuck up again! We've got ya covered with a list of costumes that will make you the spookiest, silliest, smartest, sexiest, and snazziest star of any costume party...and they all feature our Go There™ pants, making any ~spooky~ restroom visits a breeze!

Black Canyon Costumes 

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RBG: The scariest thing about Halloween is the current status of women’s rights. The sexiest thing about it is your chance to make it better. You’re a perpetually concerned citizen who is using this Halloween (and larger holiday season) as an opportunity to make sure everyone (including your therapist) is registered to vote. You're never afraid to tell us how you really feel, volun-tell us to work your latest fundraiser, or peer pressure your one remaining meat-eating friend to go vegan. You are your friend group's go-to person for the hottest political takes, the most profitable bake sales, and the most informed strategies for taking down the pa[n]triarchy once and for all. 

Billie Eilish: youdontwannabeyou this Halloween, you wanna be Billie Eilish. You’ve been itching to dye your hair a dramatic color, love blasting angsty music, and have been experimenting with mosh pits on the weekends. People love you for your oversized clothes and your dependable vulnerability, which is helping you ride up the ranks to influencer status (IRL and online).

Sandy from Greece: Let’s face it, you’re reading this article an hour before your Halloween festivities and need an outfit. Your main objective this Halloween is getting down, grooving, and boogying. You're a versatile dancing queen who wears hoops on the daily and "only smokes when you're drunk" and is definitely not addicted. You're seeking an elevated surface to dance on all night long. (You're more complex than that -- but at the core, this is you.)

 Champlain Teal Costumes: 

Lizzie McGuire: Hey now, hey now, this is what your Halloween dreams are made of! You’re a sweet millennial who loves spending weeknights watching early 2000s movies. You’re down to earth, a little klutzy, and love mixing patterns and crimping your hair. You might be friend-zoning someone…and this is your sign to give the Gordo (whoever he or she may be) in your life a freaking chance!

Sadness from Inside Out: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real. You're a ~sad gurl~ who started ~soup girl fall~ a month too soon, but the happy light on your desk and your daily Headspace meditation is keeping you in check. That being said, the impending daylight savings time change has made you feel distraught and you need a costume that looks how you feel. While this isn’t quite a cry for help… you wouldn’t say no to some hugs (and tissues) on Halloween night.

Where’s Waldo: But really, where is [s]he?
You’ve deactivated your Instagram for the 10th time this month and are trying to stay "off the grid," but BeReal keeps calling you back. In between refreshing Vrbos in remote mountain towns and thrifting your way through this holiday season, you like to keep the people around you on their toes. You like to maintain an air of mystery and on this October 31st, your mischievous self will be asking party-goers riddles and then disappearing into the night, leaving them wondering, “Where’s Waldo?” Quite frankly, we respect it.

 Juneau Jade Costumes:

Kim Possible: We call you, we beep you, but tbh, we're still having trouble reaching you because you’re the busy girl boss whose pager is all out of batteries.
You adore naked mole rats, you're the one person we know who successfully pulls off a fake-red hair dye, you love any excuse to wear cargo pants, and above all, you are a pocket fanatic (luckily our pants have 5 of 'em). Plus, you’re ready to fight injustices everywhere…however, some people have issues with you trying to bring back low-rise pants from the 90s (but the Go There pants are mid-rise, PHEW).

Bok Choy: Can't say we've seen this one done before.
You’re earthy, exclusively wear Birkenstocks, and started three composting clubs on your college campus. You are grounded and down-to-earth -- so much so that your Halloween costume needs to embody that vibe -- literally. You're the mediator of every friend/relationship melt-down, and the only argument you get into is about tofu “actually being sooo good.”

Shrek: You commit to the bit (and the people in your life) and we love you for it.
Your love language is people laughing at your jokes and you will not break character or Shrek's accent all night long. You've been practicing your "get out of my swamp," one-liner for weeks and you bought a bald cap that you're eagerly awaiting to paint green after binging Netflix's most recent season of "Glow Up" in a single weekend. Most of all, you're making green sexy.  

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