5 Times Gnara Apparel Changed Lives, According to You

5 Times Gnara Apparel Changed Lives, According to You

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by the experience of having to pee outside. You're not alone. According to a survey conducted by Gnara, one in three women reported having bathroom accidents within the past year while outdoors. We invented GoFlyTechnology to make adventure  more accessible, significantly safer, and, simply put—to change lives. With over 20,000 pairs of Gnara now out in the wild and an incredibly supportive and vocal fanbase, we can confidently say, our goal to change lives has been achieved. 

"Best. Pants. Ever."

These pants have simply changed my life. The green color is stunning, and I have never owned a better-fitting pair of pants. The waist tie allows for perfect adjustments, and each of the five pockets is spacious enough to fit everything I need for an outing. Wearing them makes me feel even more confident and powerful outdoors. I wore them ski touring and then around town afterwards–– can confirm that they are the perfect all-purpose item. Buy these pants!!



"Love, Love, Love." 

These have changed how I hike. I used to purposefully not drink enough water (unhealthy and dangerous, I know!) because I *hated* having to take off my pants to pee. It's so nice not wading through the woods in search of privacy. I know how my bf feels now.
I'm a size 10 in the hips and 6 in the waist, so I split the difference and ordered a size 8. They're a little big in the waist (nothing that the drawstring can't fix) but the hips feel great.
Y'all are changing outdoorsy people's lives :)))))

M. Rachel 


I bought a pair of these pants earlier this year and loved them so much I bought two more. They are comfortable, made from durable fabric, and will change the way you do your business in the wilderness. No more crouching, ladies! I love these so much that I have recommended them to half a dozen other women. 


Sally T 



Not sure why I waited to long to buy these pants. I work 10 hour days in the backcountry, and I have for years - all seasons. I'm a hiker and outdoor climber. I also work mostly with men who will just pee right next to me anywhere and everywhere.


I've tried other pee "solutions" in the past, like the she-wee and I could never get the hang of it, and I still had to pull my pants down with that. These pants have been on my wish list since they were she-fly. I tried them on two years ago in a moose jaw and didn't commit. I finally got them in the last sale and OH MY GOODNESS I immediately bought another pair when I came home.


To not have to take my pants off in the woods is literally incredible. I feel so much safer. I don't have to go walk off so far in the woods alone anymore. I can't believe the amount of times and weather conditions I have dropped pants in and suffered the consequences for. Never again. I am now protected from cold, rain, and the thorns and stinging nettle. Not to mention, hidden trail cams. I literally do not understand why all pants for women who work outside do not have this option for a zipper. I can't wait for more versions of this pant. PLEASE!! I want overalls!!!!! I want convertible zip-off pants!!! I want joggers and a looser style. I'm obsessed. 



"Liberated and In Love."

Liberated and in love.

These pants are a game changer. They work as exactly as advertised making it easy and SAFE to pee outside as a person with a vagina. Can I also add that Hovering my bare butt and legs out here in the Australian bush is like peeing over a toilet full of snakes and spiders, so the fact that I don't need to pull my pants down to my ankles takes away a huge amount of anxiety.


But I have to also say, even if you never pee outside, these are the most comfortable hiking/walking pants I've ever worn. They fit true to size and have the right amount of stretch in all directions to move effortlessly with your body. So grateful these exist!

Annie F


With over 450 testimonials, it was hard to choose just five—so feel free to take a look at let know which ones resonate (or resonated) with you. Tell us about your pee positions, whether or not GoFly liberated your life, and if you're constantly telling people about our pee pants. Comment below and thank you for being here; you've changed our lives, too. 


  • Catherine said:

    I’m an older woman and spend quite a lot of time in a multitude of field conditions, usually with 1+ men, most of whom I don’t know.
    Your she-fly design is absolutely brilliant!! Limited exposure is not just convenient in terms of privacy/safety, but also reduces ‘territory’ opportunities for all kinds of critters (leeches, mosquitoes, biting flies, etc) and should you choose your spot unwisely, also reduces ‘surface area’ for toxic plant exposure. Really a liberating design. Thank you!!

    I would like to respectfully suggest a few ideas from a recent jungle trip:
    Looser fit!!!!! and PLEASE!!!! a more breathable material. I was unable to use my wonderful she-fly pants on our last jungle (true jungle {western Papua New Guinea} – pack in and sleeping out x weeks with villagers) because the material is just way too hot. PLEASE create a hot-weather pair. I had to resort to my old Columbia hikers because of the sweltering, breath-catching humidity – no way to tolerate the she-fly material there. And honestly, many days here in SE USA the humidity is just too much for the tight unbreathable material – so back to looser, breathable pants & full exposure.

    Otherwise, design is a break through for women – and oh!, so incredibly sensible! Well done. Looking forward to newer material and looser design to fill my closet and take on journeys.

    May 27, 2024

  • Aliani said:

    i agree with the review, i want a looser style! and cotton!

    March 14, 2024

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