A Summer Weekend in Gunnison Valley

A Summer Weekend in Gunnison Valley

So you’re planning a trip to Gunnison Valley for summer, and Trip Advisors suggestions just aren’t cutting it. Lucky for you, the SheFly HQ is in Gunnison and during our company retreat in June, we figured out all the best summer activities so you don’t have to!

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Finding quaint camping spots in nature with the summer crowds can be impossible, but CampFire Ranch makes the entire camping experience simple! Located along Cottonwood pass near Almont and tucked away on the Taylor River, CampFire Ranch has the most serene spots to spend a weekend. Located in between Gunnison and CB, you're able to do activities on every corner of the valley. Sam, the camp host, can help set you up with awesome excursions, gives you a drink upon arrival, AND makes pancakes Sunday morning!

CampFire Ranch also has a bunch of tents, sleeping bags, cots, and cooking gear you can rent, making the entire process simple. When the SheFly team arrived our tents were already set up!


Throughout the trip, we snacked and ate some delicious meals from around the area!

Spenny’s Ice Cream Truck Serving Third Bowl

We started with some ice cream to kick off our team bonding. The lavender flavor was insane and the line for the truck was warranted for the delicious flavors.


Secret Stash

A classic Crested Butte staple, the team stopped in at Stash to dive into Crack Fries and Figgy pizza, which are always crowd favorites. The energy of Stash is infectious and the pizza and staff never disappoints. 

Three Rivers Smokehouse

Post rafting, we snacked on sammys and fries and enjoyed the outdoor patio at Three Rivers.


Buckel Wine Tasting

Our first night, we enjoyed a wine tasting at Buckel Family Wine. This local winery was an absolute perfect way to start our retreat with light snacks and delicious wines. We learned about the Colorado wine scene. Our team favorite was Glug Glug, a delicious sparkling wine that was the perfect campsite treat.

Rafting with Three Rivers Resort

Friday morning we went on an incredible rafting trip in the chilly Taylor River. Our guides were total badasses and led us through massive boulders, various obstacles, and let Co-Founders, Char and Geeg, ride the bull through the gentler waters. 

Paddle Boarding and Kayaking with Wheelies and Waves

Saturday we headed to Wheelies and Waves to rent paddle boards and kayaks. The Wheelies and Waves team was extremely friendly and helped magically stack three kayaks onto one of our cars. We floated down the beautiful Slate which is unfortunately only open for a portion of the summer season but Lake Irwin, Blue Mesa, and Long Lake are always good options for taking your rentals. Floating down the Slate was relaxing as the team product tested some new exciting SheFly apparel, and got 360 views of CB and all its magic.

Nature Yoga with Keela

One morning we were able to utilize CampFire Ranch’s awesome open areas to do some yoga in nature. Keela helped the team go through a peaceful flow, gave us some delicious lilac water, and taught us about all the benefits of sage which grows all over the valley!

All and all, a visit to the Gunnison Valley in summer will never disappoint. The energy in  this area in the summer is unmatched and whatever activity you can dream of you can do. Whether you want to raft, climb, smell wildflowers, see free live music, browse farmers markets, come visit SheFly’s HQ, or whatever else, the SheFly team has an extremely special place in our hearts for this magical area. This retreat was the first in-person SheFly event that everyone could attend since Covid began! It was an incredible time to meet people who had been on the team from the start and welcome new team members and to get the heck off a zoom call for once!

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