July Amplify: Abortion Funds

July Amplify: Abortion Funds

June 24, 2022 was a very dark day for birthing people and their allies around the United States. The Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade and the constitutional right to abortion is no longer guaranteed by the United States Federal government, meaning that states can decide whether to grant this access. This harmful legislation revokes the rights for people to choose what they want to do with their body and will have dangerous consequences, especially in communities that are already marginalized or with limited resources and access. Approximately 26 states are expected to outlaw abortion. Birthing people in these states who are seeking abortion care will now have to travel out of state, which makes existing logistic and financial barriers even more complicated and difficult. 

Our founders created SheFly to address a problem faced by many women and people of all genders, not because there is something wrong with women’s anatomy, but rather because society has not taken women’s needs into account when designing products. On a much larger and more extreme scale, the United States government, by way of a conservative-majority Supreme Court and Republican controlled State Legislatures, is neglecting women’s needs and autonomy and instead deciding what their body is meant to do, rather than giving birthing people the choice. This month, SheFly has chosen to amplify the organization Abortion Funds, which is committed to protecting abortion access by directly helping people get the health and abortion care they want and need.

What is Abortion Funds:

The National Network of Abortion Funds builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice. Abortion Funds envisions a world where every reproductive decision, including abortion, takes place in thriving communities that are safe, peaceful, and affordable. A world where people have the power and resources to care for and affirm their bodies, identities, and health for themselves and their families, in all areas of their lives. Their core values include intersectionality, autonomy, collective power, and compassion.

What do Abortion Funds do?

Member organizations work across National Network of Abortion Funds’ network with the overarching goal of reducing or eliminating these financial and logistical barriers to make abortion care accessible in cases where it otherwise wouldn’t be. Some of the organizations work with clinics to help pay for abortions while others offer logistic support such as transportation, childcare, translation, doula services, and somewhere to stay if out-of-state or distant travel is required to receive care. While this support has always been important, they are more critical than ever with the overturn of Roe. Their network’s organizations are autonomous, diverse, and united to move towards a world we want to live in, where all reproductive options, including abortions, are valued and free of coercion.

What is the mission of the National Network of Abortion Funds?

They are building an active grassroots base of people directly affected by barriers to abortion access to inform and implement necessary cultural and political change. This network is comprised of organizations that are experts in their own local communities; amidst widely varying cultural and political geographies, they hold unique perspectives as frontline responders to people seeking abortion care and support.

Actionable Amplifying:

  • Donate online to help provide financial assistance, lodging, and many other types of support to abortion seekers.
  • Support and get involved with local abortion funds.
  • Create a Facebook fundraiser to fund abortion and build power with you. Check out their Facebook Fundraiser Toolkit for guidance
  • Speak up and activate your network teaching people why #AbortionIsEssential.
  • Call your elected officials (find yours here) and research what legislation to vote on.
  • Take time for yourself. Being a child bearer or ally is exhausting, and taking time for rest is necessary.

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