End Of Year Journaling Prompts

End Of Year Journaling Prompts

Endings are funny things. For us, they can evoke just about every emotion on the wheel: excitement, fear, dread, alacrity, motivation, anxiety, ad infinitum. The end of a year is no exception, which is why we try to be attentive about how we react by using journal prompts for guidance. Without an intentional practice, the end of a year has the potential to throw us for a loop, aka, a spiral. Weeee. (Starting a new year in a free fall can feel, er—a bit chaotic.)

We want to share our journal prompts—perhaps they’ll be as helpful for you as they are for us. Cozy up with a cup of tea and honor the past 12 months with some gentle yet inquisitive questions. Try to reflect and goal-set from a place of love, as opposed to fear or fomo. 

Give yourself a hug, pat yourself on the back, and let’s get started:

Reflecting on 2023

  • Describe in detail a favorite memory of 2023: 
  • What moment took my breath away? Describe it in detail. 
  • What made me happy cry? 
  • What made me sad cry?
  • What was the hardest lesson I had to learn this year? Why was it hard? And what did it teach me? 
  • What five things were I most grateful for in 2023?
  • What fear did I overcome in 2023? 
  • At what point did I surprise myself? 
  • Did I learn lessons from certain friendships? What were they, if so? 
  • What am I most proud of for myself in 2023?
  • What’s one area or aspect of my life I would like to approach differently in 2024? 
  • Did I experience any new emotions in 2023?  
  • Did I change in 2023? How? Why? When? 

Preparing for 2024 

  • What is my dream life? Write a full page of your grand vision for your perfect life. Imagine one day in this life, or describe what about this ideal life makes it perfect. 
  • What is my dream life? Write one page on this grand vision. Imagine one full day, and describe what makes this life vision ideal.
  • What are three small, approachable tasks I can do today to bring me closer to that dream life? How can I keep at these tasks every day? 
  • What are my main goals for 2024? Think big picture. 
  • Why are those goals important to me? 
  • How will I hold myself accountable to those goals? 
  • What travel adventure do I want to plan in 2024?
  • Do I want more adventure in my day-to-day life? If so, what does that look like? One new trail per week? Buying that bike? Joining a group ride?
  • What top 3 values guide me?
  • What will I try to enjoy more of in 2024? 
  • What can I leave behind me this year? 
  • What makes me happy, and how can I make it a bigger part of my life in 2024?

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