Exploring the Unseen: What 2023 Taught Us and Why We're Still Shouting 'Go There'

Exploring the Unseen: What 2023 Taught Us and Why We're Still Shouting 'Go There'

As we bid farewell to the lessons and escapades of 2023, it's only *fitting* to reflect on the unexpected experiences that unfolded. In a year that brought us everything from sappy hands and revelations through Mexico mishaps, our team has embraced the ethos of “Explore More.” Let’s delve into some short, amusing yet insightful and cautionary tales that shaped our year.

 Charlotte ("Char")  // Co-Founder + COO

“In 2023 it is, decidedly, still taboo to fake pee out of your pants on a public city street using Camelbak bladders. But it does still, decidedly get the people to stop at your booth.” 

Georgia Grace ("GG") // Co-Founder + CEO 


“For every naysayer, there’s at least 5 yaysayers. It’s your choice which sayer you listen to. And for me, personally, I’m listening to a certain Wendy T., who I just learned from her 5-star review is on her 9th pair of Go There Pants (which means she has officially surpassed the number in my closet currently). Thanks for reminding me of this important lesson, Wendy T.” 

Gabby (The Gnara Team) // Wholesale + Logistics Manager 

“Sometimes, a red flag is just situational. But sometimes, a red flag is a red flag, and you should take note of that. But Redwoods Rust Go There Shorts are not a red flag – they’re very much our best seller.”



 Leigh // Product Design + Development Manager 

"This year I learned that olive oil is the best way to get sap off of your hands."


Hailee // Content + Community Manager 

“Sure, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And buying a latte everyday actually does improve my health.”

Vivian // Email Marketing Manager  


“I learned to enjoy being a beginner at something again and how satisfying it is to release any expectation of being good at it. I also learned that if you bleach your hair strong enough, you will end up with microbangs and they will be kinda cute.” 


“In 2023 I learned that driving to Mexico should come with at least a little planning, and that some AirBnB’s are actually AirBnBrothels.”


This past year has been a testament to the fact that every "naysayer" can be countered by a chorus of "yaysayers.” We've celebrated the joy of embracing new beginnings without the pressure of perfection. So, here's to the mishaps, the triumphs, and the laughter-filled journeys of 2023. As we step into the future, we carry our motto with us – "Explore more" or simply put, "go there." After all, life's richest lessons often lie beyond the realms of the familiar, and our team is ready for the next adventure that beckons. Cheers to going there, wherever 'there' may be.

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