Session 2 of our Self Care Series: Painting with Coffee

Session 2 of our Self Care Series: Painting with Coffee


Join Part 2 of our Self-Care Series
~ Painting with Coffee ~
led by Co-founder Charlotte Massey!

For this session get ready to embrace your inner Bob Ross. Co-founder and artist Charlotte Massey will be leading us through a landscape watercolor painting with coffee. Over the years, Charlotte has taken up an interest in watercolor painting with natural homemade paints. During her Watson fellowship travels, she got to see how other cultures formulate and use natural dyes too. These earth-toned mountainscapes are painted with vibrant spices, teas, flowers, and vegetables. We can’t wait to learn how to concoct our own natural coffee paint and experiment with its beautiful golden hue!

Next Thursday, October 8th at 6 PM EST, Charlotte will be leading this watercolor painting session through Instagram Live and Google Meet!  Here's what you'll need to do:

  • To stick around after for SheFly updates, RSVP to the Google Meet through this calendar link

  • Scour your pantry for coffee, vibrant spices, and more (get creative!) 

  • Grab a paintbrush, paper, and water

  • Get ready to unlock your watercolor wizardry! 

Want to win Charlotte's painting?! Head over to our Instagram Giveaway to let her know what landscape you'd like to see her paint. 

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