What These 12 Water Bottles Say About You

What These 12 Water Bottles Say About You

What These 12 Water Bottles Say About You

The water bottle. A summer camp staple, a life-saving hydration receptacle, a fashion accessory. Whether it is a humble companion or a full status symbol, we never leave the house without it! But we also know that sometimes people avoid hydrating enough if they aren’t sure when they’ll next be able to go pee. This can lead to serious dehydration, sometimes resulting in UTI’s. With SheFly pants, you can hydrate as much as you want and peeing won’t be an issue. So grab your water bottle and answer nature’s call! And while you’re at it, here’s what your go-to bottle says about you:

  • Nalgene:
    You’re very emotionally attached to your Nalgene - it has stickers from your favorite hikes, breweries and music festivals. We hate to break it to you, but you will lose it in the next 3 months.

  • Hydroflask:
    You’re addicted to TikTok and wish you were part of Gen Z. Unfortunately, you’re still just a Millennial.

  • Camelbak: 
  • You’re so overscheduled that you book your time in 30 minute increments. You do NOT have time to stop to unscrew your water-bottle cap. 

    1. Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir:
      You’re ALMOST as busy as a Camelbak, but you’re more of a gearhead and definitely less enthusiastic about the whole “showering” thing

    2. Miir: You have a real weak spot for buying really nice, expensive gear (you NEED it!) But you justify your shopping habit by seeking out brands that are socially responsible and donate to nonprofits. 

    3. Klean Kanteen: 
    4. You peaked in middle school (see all the accumulated dents over time as evidence) but  now you’re also a sustainability warrior so it balances out

    5. Swell:
      You color coordinate your accessories to your athleisure outfits and look amazing. You love hot yoga but if you knock over your Swell during savasana one more time you’re in trouble

    6. Yeti:
      You do everything the most (you keep a bullet journal to track H2O intake and compete in ultras) and you have a matching cooler for all your social hosting

    7. An old milk jug: You’re resourceful, “self employed”, and dgaf what anyone thinks; you’ve always struggled with the metric system

    8. Que: 
    9. You’re the trend setter & globe trotter in your friend group; this was not your first Kickstarter back (as your high credit card balance can attest); your purse/backpack is always so full you don’t have room for a full size bottle

      1. Contigo:
        You’re very uncoordinated and always spill on yourself, so you had to make the full switch to steel straws. You drink 4+ cups of coffee a day and tend to be the life of the party

      2. Plastic water bottle: 
      3. You didn’t have a reusable water bottle this time but we still believe in you! You recognize that the real environmental enemy is the group of massive corporations who built a world where single-use plastics are often the only option. Instead of villainizing individual consumer choices, we can all work together to hold those corporations accountable. Plus, now you have 11 other awesome water bottle options to choose from.

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