What Your Fake Go There™ Pant Pattern Says About You

What Your Fake Go There™ Pant Pattern Says About You

We’ve been hard at work designing the perfect SheFly pants and shorts for next season. While we’re confident that we landed on colors that are trendy and functional, we had a little bit of fun imagining other prints on our beloved Go There pants. Disclaimer: none of these prints will be available for purchase. Unless… should they be? Let us know which print sounds like you!


You have a hunting license and could fend for yourself in the apocalypse. Take us with you! In your professional opinion, clothes are built to be functional, not fashionable. 

Nautical Stripes

You say you love boats but actually get super seasick. You often receive praise for your meticulously organized spice rack.

70s Disco

You are always ready for a theme party, preferably one that includes wigs. You weren’t actually alive in the 70s though.


You’re either a strict carnivore or a raw vegan… no in between. You’ve seen every Disney channel original movie and love reminiscing about Blockbuster.

Cow Spots

You went to a rural college that nobody has ever heard of and you spent half of your last paycheck shopping on DePop. Just like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, people are always trying to keep up with you

Miniature Lobsters

Your dream summer vacay is to Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod. You’re a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur with no legitimate qualifications 

Smiley Sunflowers

You’re unfazed by 7am zoom meetings because you’re high on life and a hopeless romantic.


You know your enneagram and like to tell other people theirs. You’re obsessed with trying to convince your friends to go forest bathing. We’re also pretty sure that you’ve used online quizzes to figure out your sexuality.


You’re a diehard Mamma Mia fan and social activist who is really tired of outdated gender reveal parties.


You’re an old soul in a modern world. Maybe you went through a Vera Bradley phase… or maybe it wasn’t a phase? Maybe your email address ends in @yahoo.com?

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