Winter is Here: Discover Your S'more Style and Winter Campfire Fun

Winter is Here: Discover Your S'more Style and Winter Campfire Fun

‘Tis the season for winter festivities! We love winter, and not just because the snow makes our new Gnara pant colors pop even more; we love the crisp starry nights, frosty mornings, and hot toddies or honey ciders. Also, depending on where you are, winter can be a safer time for campfires. While we still need to exercise extreme caution when having a campfire (being adamant about following LNT principles and checking local regulations), but if all signs point to "s’mores," you better believe we’re getting the graham crackers ready.

In the spirit of gooey goodness and melted chocolate, we went ahead and psychoanalyzed your s’more style for you, which will be the perfect topic to bring up on your first winter fire circle.

The Barely There (i.e. just barely cooked)

You like to play it safe and we don’t blame you. Your weekend adventures consist of long walks with your dog and making herbal tea in a mug that says “hold on, let me overthink this.”

The Charred Fireball

You’re a pyromaniac with literally zero patience. Your “wild and free” lifestyle worries your family, but at least you have the coolest stories to share around the campfire. You might also be a small child…

The Extra (i.e. you get fancy with the fix-ins)

You’re a true trailblazer, but a little bit of a pain in the butt. You shamelessly ask for 10 free samples at the ice cream shop, insist on making the most complicated new TikTok salad for the dinner party, and won’t settle for a plain cheese pizza. Never change.

The Golden Child 

You knew this was coming. You’re a perfectionist in every sense of the word – from graduating summa cum laude to walking exactly 10k steps a day. People find you intimidating and you’re not sure why.

The Raw

You claim that s’mores give you a stomach ache, but then eat raw marshmallows by the dozen. Are you actually camping right now or are you just eating marshmallows on the sofa watching New Girl?

The Double/Triple/Quadruple Roaster (i.e you put multiple marshmallows on one stick)

You value efficiency and discipline above all else. Your backpack is better stocked than Mary Poppins’ purse and you’re always the first to volunteer if someone needs help.

The Lost One (i.e. your marshmallow fell in the fire)

You’re bossy, but not good at taking your own advice. You’ve used your apple watch to find your iPhone at least 5 times this week. Fear not, the quadruple roaster will come to your rescue.


  • Janelle A. said:

    A cross between Barely There, The Extra, and The Double/Triple/Quadruple Roaster. Probably mostly B.T. and T.D.T.Q.R.
    Thanks fer askin’ :)
    What are you guys?

    November 19, 2023

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