Unveiling the F23 Color Palette: A Journey of Nature, Adventure, and Meaning

Unveiling the F23 Color Palette: A Journey of Nature, Adventure, and Meaning

Hello, fellow adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those of you who are as psyched as we are for the Fall 2023 color drop. This season, we took a deep dive into the needs of those who work, play, and live outdoors. Our palette choices are rooted in earthy, neutral tones, expanding beyond the vibrant colors we've used in the past. But rest assured, this collection includes the fun custom pops you love, with staple styles you’ll wear for many years to come.

Unzipping the 'Why' Behind Color Stories:

For Fall 2023, we gave careful thought to the needs of those who love the outdoors. Our palette comprises grounded neutrals and earthy tones for both style and functionality. 

Our color stories are our way of connecting with you and help us convey the inspiration and emotions behind each choice and how each color seamlessly fits into your outdoor lifestyle. Let’s break it down!  

Pine Go There Pants

The unofficially “approved” park ranger green. While national and state park rangers wear various shades of green, and our Pine color isn’t an official part of any uniform, it’s an honor to be able to offer Pine as an option for the people who protect and steward the land on a large scale. Not a park ranger? TThat’s ok, this color is for you, too. Pine goes with everything, in any season. We love that the color symbolizes the durability and resilience of pine trees, which keep their vibrant green color even through the harshest winters.  

Mulberry Go There Pants

Mulberry, a muted but mighty outdoor jewel tone, has a blend of rich purple, red, and brown. You might stumble upon this color in the leaves and plants of the Mulberry tree, taking you on a journey through the natural world. We were inspired by the reddish purple leaves of huckleberry bushes and the Vermont maple trees. It's a warm and enchanting follow-up to our beloved Cascade Granite from Fall '22.

Ochre Go There Pants

Ochre is a warm and inviting color that derives from the word “yellowish” in Greek. With golden undertones but a workwear vibe, we love the shade of this natural pigment. You can find Ochre all around the world, wherever there's a significant amount of iron in the ground. Iron oxidizes, imparting the earth with its characteristic rust colors. Colorado is rich with ochres, and we love seeing the rusty yellows and reds streaking across the mountains. Ochre is an elevated neutral that pairs well with blues and greens, as well as reds and blacks. 

Black Go There Pants

We offered black in the past under SheFly, but this is the first time we're introducing it as Gnara. Our black is not a stark jet black but rather a softer, more versatile off-black. True black is a rarity in nature, and our choice reflects our performance-driven ethos. 
    We hope these color stories featuring F23 have piqued your excitement. These colors embody more than just hues; they reflect our dedication to adventure, nature, and the great outdoors. We can't wait to see how you weave these versatile shades into your wardrobe and outdoor escapades. Have fun out there, and pee freely. 

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