7 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas with Gnara's Go There™ Products - 40% Off Now!

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas with Gnara's Go There™ Products - 40% Off Now!

Halloween hath snucketh. No costume yet? No problem. We’ve got your procrastinating-booty covered with 7 easy costume ideas featuring our Go There products (all of which are FORTY percent off right now!). And if you have colorways from 2022, don’t fret—our list from last year is the gift that keeps giving. Take a look, feel inspired, and get into character! Let’s go. 

lizzie mcguire

Costume: Lizzie McGuire

Featuring: Gnara Go There™ Pants in Champlain Teal

Hey now, hey now, this is what your Halloween dreams are made of! You’re a nostalgic millennial who loves spending weeknights watching early 2000s movies. You’re down to earth, a little klutzy, and love mixing patterns. You also probably have a secret stash of butterfly hairclips somewhere. You might be friend-zoning someone…and this is your sign to give the Gordo (whoever they may be) in your life a freaking chance! Rock on, you time-traveling party animal! 

Costume: Kim Possible

Featuring: Gnara Go There™ Pants in Juneau Jade

We call you, we beep you, but tbh, we're still having trouble reaching you because you’re the busy girl boss whose pager is all out of batteries. You’re a problem solver, you're the one person we know who successfully pulls off a fake-red hair dye, and above all, you are a pocket fanatic (luckily our pants have 5 of 'em). Plus, you’re the most determined gal on the block…however, some people have issues with your obsession to try to bring back low-rise pants from the 90s (but the Go There™ pants are mid-to-high-rise, PHEW). Maybe stick to just finding the best candy on the block, yeah?

Costume: Jake from State Farm

Featuring: Gnara Go There™ Pants in Badlands Beige (or should we say, Khaki)

A lot of people are going to be asking you what you’re wearing tonight – we’d be happy to hook you up with a brand ambassador affiliate link. In your friend group, you’re the wittiest fellah who has the pop culture references on lock. You’re our favorite sales guy putting safety first – hooking everyone and their mother up with a sweet insurance policy, making sure everyone gets home safely, and picking up the phone no matter what time it is (unlike Kim P).

Costume: Water from Pixar’s Elemental

Featuring: Gnara Go There™ Shorts in Salt Lake Blue

Regardless of whether or not you’re a pisces – you’re a pisces. You go with the flow, you make sure everyone stays hydrated, and you’re pretty much always in tears, which is why going to the movies with you is…an experience. Your ideal first date is to an art museum, and your friends love you for your thoughtful grand gestures and displays of affection. You’re unique, innovative, and the first person we call when we can’t figure out what’s wrong with the kitchen sink.

Costume: Steve Irwin

Featuring: Gnara Go There™ Shorts in Badlands Beige
Making boomer safari-style sexy is your MO, and it’s working. You’re a fun guy with the best study abroad stories (but we are getting a little tired of the crocodile one). It’s inevitable that you’ll end up leading the charge to dance on top of the tables tonight, and we love you for your wild side. Your friends appreciate you for your fearless pursuit of adventure, your dedication to volunteering at the local animal shelter, and your ability to give the best bear hugs. You’re also the only person we know that’s had multiple items confiscated by TSA – now on display at airports all over the world. 

Costume: Taylor Swift

Featuring: Gnara Go There™ Shorts in Redwoods Rust
If you ask to do karaoke one more time, we’re going to lose it. You hold a grudge for longer than anyone we’ve ever met and you always have the hot goss in the friend group. But you’re also one of the most generous, down-to-earth, inclusive people we’ve ever met. You wear your heart (which is enormous) on your sleeve and won’t stop talking about universal basic income. You’re the first to hit the dance floor, and we’re here for it.

Costume: Ikea Shopping Bag

Featuring: Gnara Go There™ Shorts in Crested Butte Slate
Of course you did. You’re our quirkiest, most creative, and minimalist friend. You’ve read The Artist’s Way like 17 times at this point. Plus, you're eco-friendly – you're all about reusing, recycling, and reminding everyone that they forgot to pick up the organic,  locally-sourced meatballs on the way out. You even brought your own tote bag trick-or-treating and tumbler to the keg. Your apartment has the most immaculate hygge aesthetic and you’ve got a knack for turning ordinary things into extraordinary statements.

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