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Better Than the OG

Having owned a pair of the original design in black. I can say with confidence that this design is far better! I’m so glad I gave them another try! The only thing I was was different, more colors, but especially, black!
I ordered a size 10 and for reference I’m 5’5 and weigh 168

Go There™ Shorts
Stacie Kohls
Love Love

I really love both the shorts & pants, they make hiking with no bathroom around so much more comfortable & easy. They are durable & made to last!! I would love to see a winter version of the pants & some additional colors in both "purple"! I loved them so much I have the pants & shorts in turquoise as well as tan.

Go There™ Shorts
Raejean Johnson
No more random mooning for the strangers on the trail!

LOL :D I got the pants and loved them so much, I had to come back and get the shorts too! Seriously though, the fabric, the fit, the style, the colors, the functionality... Everything about these pants/shorts make them worth every penny... I am 5'6" and have a 32" waist and 38" hips - Size 4 fits PERFECT.
I did however, get so excited , that i posted the attached pics to my stories and mortified my teenagers LOL

Love these pants!

I really wasn't quite sure what to expect when I ordered these pants but I loved the idea of not having to drop trou to pee when out hiking. These pants are really comfortable! I love the pockets and the drawstring at the waist to get the fit just right. I did order a size a little bigger than usual because I like my hiking gear a little loose. I didn't get a chance to try the zipper but just knowing that I had that option was a great relief. I know another pair is in my future!

Go There™ Shorts
Jennifer Kleinrichert
Works great!

I love the added zipper....just LOVE it! I am 5'7", 127 lbs and I ordered a 6. I can tell they are a little big around the waist, but I really don't like high waisted (at all) shorts or pants so this allows me to let them ride a little lower. This still works fine for the pee zipper. In the future, I vote for a lower waist...lower than the belly button. Thanks for thinking of all of us outdoors needing to pee etc. and not wanting to bare our bums to the world. AWESOME.

Go There™ Shorts
Jillian Urbach
These shorts are a game changer!

I love my Go There shorts! I honestly have no complaints. The material is durable, high-quality, and comfortable, and they've clearly put so much thought and love into all the details, from the massive pockets (I can fit my whole hydroflask in there!) to the "answer nature's call" print on the zipper lining. I often struggle to find pants and shorts that fit both my waist (27") and my hips (39") and was worried I might run into the same issue with these, but size 4 fits me perfectly! It helps that they are stretchy and have an adjustable drawstring waist. The Redwoods Rust color is so pretty too. I highly, highly recommend you try them out!

Go There™ Pants
Sarah Hubert
High five

Exceeded expectations:))) more color choices please

Excellent winter or cool weather hiking pants


I love everything about these pants...but only for winter or cooler weather hiking. I don't wear shorts (ever) when I am hiking in the summer on account of bugs bites, bramble scratches, etc.. The fabric of the pants are a bit heavy which is good for protection. Unfortunately, I sweated profusely wearing these pants in higher temps or humid days which caused major chafing in my crotch and bumm area. My a__ was killing me by the time I finished 10-miler (relatively short for me).
I will save these for winter hiking only.

Go There™ Shorts
Hannah Whidden
Love them!

These are the best quality shorts around with large adventure pockets and the perfect zipper! Works great! Highly recommend. Don’t think, just add these into your cart

Go There™ Pants
Angie Curry

I LOVE these pants. Often, hiking in Colorado, especially when doing fourteeners, means you often don't have cover for relieving yourself. I've tried out these new pants on one hike and they work great! They also look nice and are comfortable.

Happy with these!

Shorts are great because even if you don't have long legs they actually fit! Look cute rolled up or down, and fit nicely and I think true to size.

Go There™ Pants
Aleya Steckel

Best pants I’ve ever purchased hands down. These pants are a complete game changer!! They are soft, durable, stretchy, and comfortable. They make my hiking and climbing experiences so much better! Just buy them!!💙

Go There™ Pants
Allison Smith

Not having to get naked on the trail is such a game-changer! Even if it wasn't for that, these would be great. I am a short girl with thicker thighs/booty and a smaller waist so I struggle to find bottoms that fit. Especially for hiking. These are fitted but super stretchy so they look good but I still have full range of motion. The tie inside the waist prevents gapping. They're too long (I'm just over 5 feet tall) but being able to cinch the bottoms or roll/snap them into a cropped length means I can wear them. If a petite option became available, I'd jump on it but these solutions work well enough. I also had an issue with my first pair of pants and the Gnara team sent me a new pair immediately with expedited shipping so they'd arrive before my next hiking trip. Great pants and great customer service. I usually don't feel strongly enough about clothing to bother with a review but these are worth it!

Go There™ Shorts
Allison Smith

I liked the pants so much I had to try the shorts for summer. Not having to get naked on the trail is such a game-changer! I am a short girl with thick thighs and a smaller waist so I struggle to find hiking bottoms that fit. Even if these didn't have the zipper feature, they'd be great for me. I haven't tested them to the max yet but on my first venture the length was perfect for my thicker thighs (no chafing, no riding up) and the tie inside the waist prevents gapping. The fabric is durable and stretchy. I usually don't feel strongly enough about clothing to bother with a review but these are worth it!

The Ultimate Adventure Shorts

I'm absolutely thrilled with these shorts! Following their sizing guide, I found the perfect fit when my order arrived. What's even better is the thoughtful adjustable features, which are a lifesaver for someone like me, whose waist size differs from their thigh size. These shorts are the ideal length I've been searching for – preventing any thigh rubbing. As a very sweaty person, I was pleasantly surprised that these shorts managed to not show sweat. And let's talk convenience during bathroom breaks – a total breeze! Without a doubt, I'd give these shorts a flawless 10/10 rating. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for adventure shorts.

Go There™ Shorts
Melanie Graham
My new favorite camping and hiking shorts

I love my Go There pants, so it's no surprise I love the shorts, too! Incredibly comfortable and functional. Perfect amount of stretch, too.

I ordered the same size as the pants and they fit fine. They feel slightly more snug, but nothing that would make me size up.


I bought these pants for long multi-pitch climbs, backpacking trips, and being in the beautiful outdoors in general. They are designed so incredibly well!! I recently wore them while out bouldering and the fabric held up amazingly against the sandstone boulders. The sizing chart was helpful and I feel as though the pair I ordered fits perfectly. I cannot recommend these enough. Thank you for making this product 💛

My favorite hiking shorts!

These are the best. I have the pants and I'm so happy they came out with shorts. The colors are awesome, they are SO FUNCTIONAL, and they are super cute and flattering! I am ~140lbs, 5'5", athletic build, and I wear a 4 in the pants so went with the 6 in the shorts per their recommendations. I could definitely size back down to a 4 for these but with the drawstring inside, I can make the 6 work still. Certainly weren't falling off me by any means but felt a touch large. Hiked 9 miles and they were 0 issues with them! highly recommend!! Go buy multiple colors!

Go There™ Pants
Hannah Whidden
Love them!

Don’t think, just add these into your cart asap

Revolutionary! Excited for future gender neutral options! :D

As a trans masculine person, relieving myself while out in the wilderness comes with a few extra...risks. I'm so grateful for the extra privacy (read: protection) these pants offer me on my camping trips and hikes. Trans folks already have higher rates of medical issues related to "holding it" due to barriers accessing inclusive and safe restrooms while out in public, so the literal *relief* this garment provides is a true game-changer! THANK YOU, GNARA! Can't wait to see what gender neutral options get developed in the future but for now I'm just so appreciative for all your work to make sure that these pants exist today! Thank you for being so intentional about your inclusivity and for making the outdoors more accessible for ALL bodies! <3


These shorts are everything women's outdoor gear needs and more! They fit like a glove, are super flattering, and the material is fantastic . Gnara has finally given us the pockets we've always wanted, needed, and deserved. THANK YOU! I was mind blown that my phone even fit comfortably in the smaller zip pocket. The pee zipper technology is genius and should be in every piece of women's outdoor clothing. Gnara has totally nailed it with these shorts and I'll be snagging a pair of the pants next. For fit: I am 5'8/148 lbs/pear shaped and the 8 fit me perfectly. The drawstring is a really nice touch for those with a small waist/bigger hips. Do yourself a favor and get a pair!

Go There™ Shorts
L. DeLauder
Pants and shorts

I got the pants for a through hike of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. We were going to be wild camping for 10 days and the terrain is very exposed. As an avid hiker, I was floored when I stumbled across SheFly. I wore these pants for 9 days straight and they were fantastic. Great material, very well made, thick enough to sit on the ground or on rocks or swamp grass, and the fit was like a dream. I liked them so much that when I got home, I bough the shorts for another hike. I let everyone know how wonderful they are. Thank you so much for tackling this obvious oversight. You are doing good work!!

Go There™ Pants
Nancy Herta
Alps to Amsterdam

Wore them on a 3 day hut to hut hike in the Swiss Alps, kayaking in Amsterdam, and walking in a thunderstorm
1) Comfort. When I first put them on they felt a little tight, but within 10 minutes of walking they stretched in all the right places and none of the wrong places and were very comfortable (I'm 5'3", 112#, size 02)
2) Peeing. So you can wear them with or without underwear. I wore them for three days straight, and the first two days I wore underwear. The peeing was fine I could move my undies aside and they remained clean and dry the whole time. Day three I went commando and this is definitely my preferred style now. Very comfortable, the cotton strip protects completely. I did not need to unzip as much and the best part is it is hands free, so if you are on a dicey part of the trail as far as other hikers, you can subtly squat and examine a flower or rock and not appear like you are peeing. You can unzip all the way up to the back of you need to poop but I did not test this feature.
3) Pleasant surprise- very water resistant. Later in the trip I wore them kayaking. My kayaking style is to scoop water into my lap and legs with every stroke. It was a 2 hour trip and I remained quite dry for over an hour. The only part that really soaked through was my butt as I was sitting in water the whole time. I tried a more reasonable test and took a 30 minute walk in pouring rain. My raincoat completely soaked but the pants just had just some beaded water, my legs remained completely dry.
4) Down side. We were hiking in weather of 70's to maybe 80 and at times they were too warm. I wished they zipped off to shorts. Although they have straps to let you roll then up to your calf, they were still hot. Overall this was a minor, occasional issue. I think they would keep you really comfy in cooler weather hiking.
So overall, loved the pants. You should all go out and pee in the woods.


I've never worn a size 2 before, but using Gnara guidelines, they fit great! Very comfortable and convenient.

Go There™ Shorts
Best shorts ever!

Great shorts for hiking and every outdoor activity, but also functional to wear around the town and even to the office!