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Go There™ Pants
Melissa Nelligan
Perfect fit and function

Hiked in these pants for the 1st time today and they fit like a glove. Perfect in the rain, kept me dry without being too hot. Didn't need to try the go there feature yet but at the ready for next time. Love the green color! Love the fit!

Go There™ Shorts
Rebecca Kress
Great product with a great fit

Natured called and no one in my hiking crew, who were supposed to be standing look out, (aka, my family!) alerted me to the oncoming hikers. Well, I’ll let the reader imagine the rest of the story. I’m thrilled to own BOTH the Gnara pants and shorts - and can attest to the fact they work fabulously and they fit well too!

Great Functionality!

I had worn these for a few days hikes and liked them but wore them backpacking for the first time and used the second zipper technology and it worked amazingly! So much easier than dropping your drawers the whole way. Wore them with underwear and it was no big deal getting them out of the way.

Love all of the zipper pockets and was comfortable for the whole weekend. Great design!

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Jeanette Molina
I’m not sure where these pants have been all my life!

As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors these pants are literally a life saver! When we were training for Mt. Whitney I decided to purchase these for the trip and they were amazing. I don’t know what to say other than when we were on the mountain in the snow I couldn’t imagine not having them. The material is really nice and I love that they actually look really good on me and don’t feel like I have no shape like most hiking pants.

Run, don't walk, to buy these shorts

I am OBSESSED with my new go there shorts. They bring the same awesome comfort, stretchiness, and high waist as the og long pants, but with an even better fit for me (size 4, less of a gap in the back.) Couldn't wait to take them on a hike as soon as I got them out of the packaging and I was not disappointed. They are definitely going to be my closet staple this summer :)

Yes, yes, yes!

Wore these for a 10-hour adventure race and they performed like a champ! Comfortable on the bike, in the canoe, shuffling on the trails. Pee'd quick and clean. My fav piece of "gear". And good pockets! Thank you for creating these. I'ma save some pennies and get the shorts, too 😁

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Melissa S.
Best backpacking pants

I was skeptical. The zipper is not uncomfortable at all. The pants are quality material and quality made. These pants make all the difference for ease on the trail. Now going to look into the shorts!!

SheFly® Go There™ Pant
Michelle Kisliuk
LIfe changing!

These pants are great. (And I liked the old brand name... it's actually descriptive of what and for whom this product is : - ( ) I gave my second pair to my sister as a gift just now and she's thrilled! Ordered the shorts too!

Go There™ Shorts
Olivia Bakke
Wear these Pants

Regardless of if you want to use the GoFly Zipper; these shorts are a good fit and have minimal thigh gobble. I do have a 13-inch difference between my waist and hip and with the stretch of this fabric, the waist gap is minimal. The cut is really nice and hits at an attractive length even for women in the 40+ years category. Unsolicited comment from my teen son, "Mama, those shorts look really good on you." So take that for what you will, I'm taking these shorts hiking this summer.

High performance outdoor pant, peeing zipper is awesome!

I gotta admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about these pants. I thought they might be just a "niche" pant for peeing, but not a high quality pair of pants in their own right. I was wrong!

I got a pair of Go There pants specifically for rock climbing. Whether I'm at the crag or on a tiny ledge hundreds of feet up a multi-pitch, there's not much cover. And as a woman, trying to pee with a harness on in normal pants is very difficult. The peeing zipper is awesome! I can "go there" fully harnessed! And as an outdoor guide, it minimizes the time I'm away from my group for something to go sideways. It took a couple tries to practice pulling my undies aside, but I've got it dialed now. And I've been wearing the pants for anything and everything, not just climbing- hiking, around town, snowshoeing...

The quality of the pants is great. Very comfortable. Nice and stretchy so they don't limit my motion climbing at all. And so far, very durable- despite significant abrasion against rocks and in harness leg loops, they still look as smooth as the day I got them. And still quite water resistant. Thankful for the waist tie, as my pants fit great except the waist is a little gappy.

I plan on getting more pants, a pair of shorts too, and can't wait for Gnara to design a pair of thermal underwear pants to make these bad boys fully functional with layers in the dead of a New England winter!!

You are now free to pee about the wilderness

These are amazing. I have the world's smallest bladder and it keeps me from a lot of hikes. The struggle between staying hydrated or not peeing every few miles is real. Thankfully, I don't have to make that choice anymore.

Super roomy and super comfy! I also love that their plus sizes are really PLUS sizes and there is plenty of stretch. I got my regular pants size and really could have gone down a size. They are too long for us height-challenged but the legs do roll up so it isn't a deal breaker. But please, make petite trousers or have another adjustment on the pants to hike up the legs a couple of inches.

Best shorts ever

I absolutely love these shorts. They are so comfy, durable and versatile! Perfect for any outdoor activities. Material is fast drying and does not snag.

These pants rock for every sport!

I wear these for mountain biking and hiking, they're great. I use them a pee stick and can pee in the lot without anyone knowing. I have big hips and they're super comfy, don't expose your crack. Also use the syncher to make them capris a lot. Love em!

Need these asap

So excited to finally see a product for women to easily be outside. These look comfy and not too restrictive in the waist. I love this concept and I’m excited to try these in conjunction with the Kula cloth.


I purchased the zipper pulls to go with my pants because when it’s cold and you’re gloved up, you’ll need the extra length for grip. So very helpful and thoughtful to think of selling these!

Go There™ Pants
Linda Dallas
Will NEVER Go Back To other "Hiking" pants

I have had my Go There Pants for over a year now. I love them for the single reason of not having my bum eaten alive by starving mosquitos when I relieve myself in the woods!!! OH... not to mention loving them because I don't have to take my loaded backpack off to pee! These pants are beautiful, comfortable and ever so functional!!

I am 5'5", 135 lbs. My first pair was size 6 (my normal size). They fit fine, but seemed to loosen up as the days went on. I downsized to a size 4 and they fit perfect and stay perfect throughout my days hiking. I I thought they would be too tight, but with the stretch of these pants they are just right! If in doubt, or between sizes, I recommend sizing down.

Go There™ Pants
Leslie Adler-Ivanbrook
Most awesome hiking pants!

I LOVE my Go There pants! They were given to me as a gift a few months ago and though I had heard about them, I didn’t realize how special they are until I tried them out. The fabric is super soft, stretchy and comfy, and surprisingly, the zipper in the crotch is even comfortable! I have back and hip pain fairly frequently, which sometimes makes it hard to squat. But with these pants there is no need for a deep squat to pee off trail. The other features like zip pockets and waist tie are great, too!
I love the pants so much that I ordered two as gifts for my two close friends! I look forward to trying the shorts, too!

Go There™ Pants
Stephanie Henri
Only Pants I'll Ever Hike In

After extensive research and training hikes, I brought 2 pairs of GO THERE pants with me on my trek to Kilimanjaro. These pants are AMAZING. After 7 days on the mountain without a shower, the pants were still in great shape. I brought 2 pairs since there was plenty of rain and I was impressed by how quickly they dried and how quickly dirt wiped off. And, of course, we gotta talk about the peeing... in the alpine desert, there was not a lot of cover for bathroom breaks. Other people in our group had to look hard for good bathroom spots. I had the luxury of not caring since the pants gave me privacy of not having my butt out to pee. I can't wait to try the shorts!

Love these pants!!

I simply love these pants! I not only use them for hiking and traveling, they’ve become my go to pants for farm chores. I’ve worn them during shearing, lambing, kidding, milking, feeding, gardening and yard chores. They been worn flying across country and sliding my rear end (5’5’’ - 195 lbs) down a riverbank on a wildflower ID hike with my college kid. Size 14 fits me perfectly.

Go There™ Pants
Christa Finnern
Go There (aka “Go To”)

My Gnara pants are pure perfection! They are comfortable, flattering, not too tight and not too baggy, versatile, and cute as hell. (And psst, the pee zipper is pretty great too.) I could wear them every. day. I have started calling them my Go To instead of Go There pants. Thanks Gnara!

Thank you from the bottom 🍑 of my heart!

I purchased these pants only weeks ago, but believe me, they have been WELL USED. I have gone camping 4 times since acquiring these pants and it has been a game changHER! (Or just a game changer if you squat to pee but don’t identify with that pronoun 🥰). We camp in disperse camping in The Great Smoky Mtns and Pisgah Forrest so there are no legit bathrooms. I purchased the Tinkle Belle and while it is also a great product, zippers don’t always let you cup appropriately. In comes the Go There Pants for the win!!!! I am so happy I don’t have to worry about squating in poison ivy or oak now. I don’t have to worry about exposing my booty to the cold just to pee. Listen up people who enjoy the outdoors but must squat- these pants are soooo worth every penny. I am stoked to give the shorts a try. Thank you for making these.
They’re comfy, feel durable, and sizing is true to fit. I am a 12 and ordered the LG. Run to the checkout friends- I’ll see you around… Going there in my Go There Pants!

Game Changing

These pants are everything. What love most is that I can pee discreetly without worrying about someone coming upon me (exposed!) and without constantly being on the lookout for a “good” place to pee the whole hike.

Also love the feel of the pants— so so soft and comfy with the right amount to stretch. Zipper is easy to use and the pockets are roomy. Every woman should have a pair!

Go There™ Pants
Ksenia Podvoiskaia
Best hiking pants ever!!!

I LOVE my GNARA pants so much. I've had them for about a year now and I've worn them out hiking, climbing, camping, and sometimes just as my regular day pants! The fabric is suuuper stretchy and I LOVE how roomy the pockets are!!!

And of course the zipper is AMAZING! I went on a hike in Scotland with no tree cover and was able to easily use the bathroom outside with no problems .. the girls I was hiking with were all asking me where they could get a pair afterwards!!

I've already ordered the shorts (sized up in the shorts for a roomier fit)

Go There™ Pants
Amy Petricek
Definitely go there!

These are my go-to pants for hiking. They stretch in all of the right ways and feel so comfortable. I wear them year-round! I highly recommend this product to anyone who squats when they pee!

Go There™ Pants
Naomi Cutler
love love love

I really like these pants for literally any type of adventure and around the house. I'm 5'4 and ~150 lbs and the 10 fits great. I usually cuff the pant legs because the full length would be a little long for me. I also obviously LOVE the pee zipper and use it at any opportunity. The flap that hides the pee zipper from the world has stretched out with time so now the zipper is definitely fully exposed which is a little funky. I'm thinking about trying to fix it with my sewing machine but we'll see. Besides that, I cannot recommend these pants more highly1